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On this page you'll see photos of WTMA's Orange Grove Road facility as it looked in July 2004. The office and sales staff moved to the current Faber Place Place facility off Leeds Avenue in North Charleston in the middle of 2001. WTMA's studios moved in October of that year. The transmitters and towers for WTMA are about the only thing here now (if you don't count the raccoons and snakes). As you can see in these pictures, the property is virtually overgrown with brush, there's graffiti on the buildings, and windows have been broken out. The inside of the building apart from the transmitter and engineering areas reeks of animal urine and mold.

The newer building (the part that was built in the late 60s) was razed in October of 2004, leaving only the original WTMA transmitter building. Former WTMA engineer and owner Bill Dudley owns the Orange Grove Road property. In 2010 WTMA plans to move its transmitter to the same site that hosts the former WCSC radio (now WSPO) and share its transmitter building and towers.

The main building as viewed from the parking lot

The front door

The side door where the talent and engineering staff entered

The area to the right of the main building looking out towards the marsh

The rear of the original WTMA transmitter building

The transmission line heads out to the marsh

The view from the marsh looking towards the parking lot

Looking at the parking lot down Orange Grove Road

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